Subject— Not Guilty by Reason of Sanity

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28 May 2024

Dear Suzanne Kendall,
Subject—Not Guilty by Reason of Sanity

Quotation—The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed. —Simone de Beauvoir

I would like to change my plea to Not Guilty by Reason of Sanity for my existential heist. I soulsearched and decided that I could not “voluntarily” admit guilt. The God’s honest truth is that I did what the sign said: In case of emergency, break glass. So, I broke the glass. The emergency is that we have selected behaviourism, and that decision by the social scientists has put us on the FastTrack to Extinction. The psyche is the first thing, and the Psychiatrists have imprisoned it in choosing behaviourism. As Che Guevara said: If you tremble with indignation at any injustice, then you are a comrade of mine. As Baruch Spinoza said: Man is deceived if he believes himself free.

I would argue that it was never a real robbery, as I was armed only with books and a smartphone, looking to make arguments in exchange for debt relief. Ultimately, it was an outburst resulting from the culmination of 28 years of not being heard or supported by society for my important pioneering work in metaphysics. Furthermore, as I could contend convincingly that this country subscribes to the metaphysics of determinism, I would also argue that, according to the government, all of my actions follow deterministically, and thus I have no freewill, and therefore are not responsible. I am an Innocent. I believe I should be awarded the Order of Canada for bringing this Fundamentally Problematic Moral Situation to the attention of the Authorities.

I have tapped into the soul of Jesus Christ, plus I have two thousand years of philosophy, science, and literature. I have a smartphone capable of answering a vast spectrum of questions. And I have a vast array of other technology provided to me by God and the ingenuity of man. I believe that I am Christ 2.0 because I have identified the Elephant in the Room as Behaviourism—the source of 80 percent of all the World’s problems. I believe that I am Christ 2.0 because I am the first person to leave the cave of behaviourism, travel into the daylight of existentialism, and return—as evidenced by my 2018 book Existentialism Now and my Existential Heist of 4 January 2023. I believe that I am Christ 2.0 because I used all of the wonderful technology to my levered advantage and took responsibility to tell the truth. I believe that I am Christ 2.0 because I read a quote thirty years ago that said: If you want immortality then go out and make yourself immortal. And so, I did!!! to the benefit of everyone and everything, always. The honourables and doctors ought to take a step back, let me talk, and see that behaviourism has run its course, and that the potential for Salvation awaits us in choosing the authenticity and daylight of existentialism.

Google says: BF Skinner was the most influential psychologist of the Twentieth century.

Quotation—Many anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists have used their expert knowledge to prove that man is free, purposeful and responsible. This escape route is slowly being closed as new evidence of the predictability of human behavior is discovered. Any personal exemption from complete determinism is being revoked as scientific analysis progresses— particularly when accounting for the behavior of the individual. —BF Skinner

Quotation—Beyond Freedom and Dignity is a 1971 book by American psychologist BF Skinner. Skinner argues that entrenched belief in freewill and the moral autonomy of the individual (which Skinner referred to as “dignity”) hinders the prospect of using scientific methods to modify behavior for the purpose of building a happier and better-organized society. —Wikipedia

The existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre died in 1980, and the behaviouralist BF Skinner died in 1990, so Skinner won out. Behaviourism is the brainchild of a couple of half-wits: Watson and Skinner. Existentialism Now goes back to Socrates and includes Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Shakespeare, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Kafka, Camus, and Sartre. The mantra of behaviourism is: “Know your role! Know your role!” The mantra of existentialism is: “Total freedom! Total responsibility!”

I have been processing around the clock, year in and year out, my Supercomputer of a mind since 1996, when I wrote twelve 1600-word essays of the Risk Management Review. I now believe that my holistic metaphysical picture of the first principles of all things is complete in my soul and body of work. I am ready to stand up and make my case in court. I would like an hour at the beginning of or separate from the robbery trial to talk and make my case. I am a whistle-blower who is a mathematician, actuary, philosopher, scientist, metaphysician and writer with something to say.

I went through three lawyers at Legal Aid Alberta, as they all fled the scene when I started saying things like: I am the smartest person who ever lived, I am Christ 2.0, I am a whistle-blower, and the Government is Raping Me. And the truth is that I have a Rocky Mountain range of arguments to support and prove all my claims, but no one cares because most have committed philosophical suicide. The Sheeple inside the Behavioral Matrix that is Calgary, Alberta, Canada would sacrifice Heaven and Earth not to know the Truth. I am being forced to lie because, as the great economist John Maynard Keynes said in 1930: Foul is fair and fair is foul for at least another hundred years.

I need a lawyer and people with spines who are willing to stand up in Court and demand that I be recognized as a whistle-blower, and be given one hour to make my case prior to or separate from the robbery trial. Having my arguments heard is most of what I want in life. I have spent most of my life searching for and sculpting truth; and now that my metaphysics is complete, I wish to be heard and have my arguments answered. I robbed the bank for a septillion reasons, including my good faith, a priori belief that the authorities would ultimately hear me. The truth is that the Honourables and Doctors have been stonewalling me for the past 28 years, not supporting my Third Millennium Metaphysics, which I have been developing and publishing in good faith for all that time. If, at this time, the authorities choose to return my faith as good, and let me speak and make my case, then all will be good as I would be allowed to bring clarity to the scene, and avoid classifying the Government as Totalitarian for stonewalling truth. I would ask that all those named at the top of this letter ensure that my voice is heard around the World. Please hear me now!

Know God’s thoughts; follow the argument; be self-aware; take responsibility; and swing wild! Sincerely,

The Right Honourable Christopher Bek, The Philosopher King Christ, Sovereign of Earth, Christ 2.0